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Today in History for May 13th


May 13, 2022
13 May 2022


At the Vatican, Pope John Paul II is shot and seriously wounded by a Turkish gunman in Saint Peter’s Square. The pontiff recovers and, a few years later, he visits his would-be assassin – Mehmet Ali Agca (me-MET ä-LĒÄ-jä) – behind bars.


A ship carrying English colonists arrives at the site of what becomes the Jamestown settlement in Virginia.


In London, Winston Churchill gives his first speech as Britain’s Prime Minister, during his country’s darkest days of World War Two.


The United States declares war on Mexico, days after the two neighbors clash in their first major battle in Texas.

The war ends with an American victory — forcing Mexico to give up territory from California to the Rio Grande.


Stevie Wonder – singer, songwriter, and one of Motown’s most successful artists – is born in Saginaw, Michigan.